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Birth injuries and medical malpractice claims in West Virginia

Having a baby is supposed to be the happiest days of your life. Unfortunately, sometimes the carelessness of healthcare providers results in an infant suffering a birth injury.  In those circumstances, the parents may be able to pursue a Charleston medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital or doctor who delivered the baby.

In West Virginia, medical malpractice claims are governed by the Medical Professional Liability Act.  To have a claim, the claimant or claimant’s attorney must have the case screened by an expert prior to filing a lawsuit. If the expert reviews the case and it has “merit,” the claimant must serve a notice of claim and a screening certificate upon the hospital or doctor to afford them the opportunity to try to resolve the case before it is filed.  If they elect to not resolve the case, a lawsuit may be filed.

In cases involving an injury to an infant, it is important for the lawyer to obtain all of the medical records of the mother and child, including the fetal heart monitor strips, and have them reviewed by a specialist. Our birth injury attorneys have extensive experience in handling these types of lawsuits and can determine whether your child was injured due to medical malpractice.

Our attorneys have handled a number of cases involving brachial plexus injuries, skull fractures from the use of forceps or vacuum assisted devices, failure to timely perform a c-section, hypoxic brain injuries, meconium ingestion, excessive bleeding, and other injuries.

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