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Charleston Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries can occur to either the mother or baby during the birthing process. Most birth injuries happen to the baby. Many of the injuries are relatively minor and are not the result of mistakes made by medical professionals. However, there are some serious injuries that occur during birth that could have been prevented. A preventable birth injury gives rise to a medical malpractice claim in Charleston.

The Charleston birth injury attorneys at Salango Law help families recover after being devastated by a birth injury that didn’t have to happen.  

Why Choose Salango Law to Handle Your Birth Injury Claim?

Our goal is to right a wrong that has been done to you or your family.

  • We work for you – We get to know the unique circumstances of your situation and what you need us to accomplish.
  • We work hard for you – We are recognized by our peers for our dedication to doing an outstanding job for our clients.
  • We work hard and get you results – Our relentless commitment to excellence has obtained over $100,000,000 for our clients.

How a Birth Injury Attorney Helps You

When you are claiming that a medical professional made a mistake and it resulted in a birth injury, you are up against a profession that is revered for its specialized knowledge and skill. It requires the expertise of others in the medical profession to establish what should have been done and where mistakes were made. A birth injury lawyer will be familiar with accepted medical practices and able to identify the circumstances that resulted in the birth injury. Our accident attorneys in Charleston will also have knowledge of and access to the experts you will need to establish the evidence to prove your claim. 

Common Types of Preventable Birth Injuries

Preventable birth injuries typically occur when a birth is unusually difficult or there are complications that require increased care and attention. A baby’s size or positioning and the difficulty of bringing the baby out of its mother can result in circumstances where injury occurs.  

Head Trauma – A baby’s head can be injured from being pushed against the mother’s pelvis or if an instrument that pulls on a baby’s head – such as forceps – is used to assist with the birth. 

Brain Damage – Brain damage can result from trauma to the head or oxygen deprivation during birth. Cerebral Palsy is a common condition affecting muscle development and movement caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain. 

Nerve Damage – Nerve damage can occur when a baby must be manually positioned in order to allow birth. Force to the neck and shoulder area can result in damage to the nerves that control arm and hand movement.

Actionable Causes of Birth Injuries

The causes of birth injuries that can be medical malpractice are things that were done or not done by the medical professionals involved with the birth. Situations where medical professionals are found to have acted inappropriately include:

  • failing to act promptly when harm could occur to mother or baby
  • misdiagnosing  the condition of mother or baby
  • failing to monitor mother or baby
  • misuse of birthing instruments
  • use of too much force during the birthing process

What to Do if Your Child Suffered a Preventable Birth Injury

Birth injuries can result in permanent disability and even death. If you believe your child or a family member received a preventable birth injury, it is important to consult a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. Proving that a medical professional’s actions or inactions caused a baby’s injuries requires a detailed evaluation of what happened during the birth and information from other medical professionals as to what should have been done instead. 

At Salango Law, PLLC we don’t like to learn that any baby has experienced a preventable injury. But if it does happen, our Charleston personal injury attorneys are prepared to prove the injury was preventable and collect the maximum compensation available to assist in the care of your loved one. Schedule a free consultation with a birth injury lawyer by contacting us here or call our Charleston office at 304-342-0512.