Personal Injury

August 21, 2023 in

What is Strict Liability in an Insurance Case?

In most cases of personal injury in West Virginia, the injured victim's responsibility is to prove that a defendant is at fault for causing their injuries to receive compensation for damages. West Virginia has adopted an at-fault policy in most incidents except for a few. In these exceptions, West Virginia applies a strict liability...
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Kanawha County BOE and Holz Elementary School families reach $11.75M settlement

FacebookTwitterEmailSMS By Jarett Lewis July 31, 2023 - 8:45 pm CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Civil cases regarding the abuse inside of a special needs classroom by a teacher at Holz Elementary settled in a record way. According to the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management, the cases settled for a combined $11,750,000, a record amount...
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July 24, 2023 in

Can Social Media Posts Damage My Personal Injury Claim?

Social media has a distinct way of distorting the facts, which can often be harmless until your posts are used against you to disprove a personal injury claim. Your financial and physical recovery after an accident may depend on the compensation you receive for your injuries. However, social media posts say a lot about...
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Common Injuries Caused By West Virginia Car Accidents

Car accidents can be violent, jarring experiences. The forces placed on the human body during a collision can cause severe injuries and even death. While cars benefit from a considerable number of safety features meant to prevent or lessen trauma, each year, millions of Americans sustain physical injuries as a result of car wrecks....
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