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Board of Education Liability for Abuse of Special Needs Students.

December 6, 2021

County Boards of Education are responsible for the safety of all students while at school. This includes children will autism and other special needs.

Schools with special needs students must train their staff on the issues and difficulties these students face. Schools must also monitor the staff to make sure the children are treated appropriately and are receiving an education. Over the last two decades, our law firm has represented numerous students against School Boards. The primary reason for abuse is special needs classrooms is lack of training and supervision of the teachers and aides.

Can a lawsuit be brought against a Board of Education for abuse of special needs students?

Yes, if a special needs child is abused by a teacher or aide a lawsuit may be filed. In many instances, the teacher, aide and Board of Education may be held liable for the abuse.

What to look for if you suspect abuse in a special needs classroom.

Parents should look for (1) unexplained injuries; (2) personality changes; (3) fear of going to school; and (4) changes in appetite or sleep. If you suspect abuse, you should immediately report it to law enforcement. Physical and verbal abuse of a special needs child is against the law and punishable by fine and imprisonment. It is also cause for a civil lawsuit.

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