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Logan WV Helicopter Crash

Salango Law, PLLC is investigating the tragic helicopter crash that killed six people in Logan County, West Virginia, near Kelly Hollow. The aircraft crashed onto state Route 17.

According to investigators and news reports, the flight was part of an annual event called the Huey Reunion; MARPAT Aviation offered helicopter rides in the Bell UH-1B helicopter involved in the crash.

According to Federation Aviation Administration records, the tail number of the helicopter is registered to Gordon Prescott of Princeton.

The NTSB noted the helicopter left Logan County Airport before 5 p.m. with a pilot and five passengers on board. Investigators described two of the passengers as “pilot-rated.” The victims’ names have not been released.

Investigators said the flight was the final planned flight of the day. The helicopter’s flight path was different from the tour paths offered earlier in the day.

The helicopter crashed on state Route 17 around four miles northeast of Logan County Airport. Investigators noted most of the wreckage was “consumed in a postcrash fire.”

“The helicopter was not equipped, nor was it required to be, with either a cockpit voice recorder or a flight data recorder,” investigators noted.

FAA records described the helicopter as built in 1962.

A preliminary report regarding the crash is expected within 15 days of the incident.

If you have information regarding the Logan helicopter crash, please contact Salango Law at 304-342-0512.