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Staying Injury-Free on Super Bowl Sunday

January 22, 2024

The Super Bowl is an extension of the holidays. It’s time to gather with friends, back your favorite team, and enjoy friendly rivalries. It’s a celebration often accompanied by lots of food and drinks. Preparation to stay injury-free in West Virginia this Super Bowl Sunday will ensure your memories are filled with entertaining moments instead of costly mistakes.

Have a Departure Plan

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one at a friend’s home or local bar, plan your departure. Planning is simple if you are attending with someone guaranteed not to drink. But if it is likely that everyone will be partaking, there’s work to do to prevent a DUI in West Virginia.

  • Download a rideshare app so it’s ready to use. A rideshare van is a great way to collect friends from your home or the local bar to carry everyone home.
  • Having a local cab company’s number in your phone before the party ever begins simplifies getting home safely. Call ahead of time to inquire about the busyness of their schedule on previous Super Bowl Sundays.
  • Always buckle up.

If you feel it is too tempting to drive after the game and you plan to drink, leave the car at home. If you’re hosting, collect car keys before the festivities begin. Everyone is more rational before the party starts.

Recognize the VIPs

The designated drivers at any gathering have chosen to be responsible for their safety and those around them. Celebrate their contributions to making Super Bowl Sunday safe and recognize them for their efforts. Designated drivers are the most valuable participants in any party.

  • Have plenty of their favorite nonalcoholic drinks on hand if you’re hosting, and keep their glass topped off.
  • Give them the best seat in the house. They’ll fill a significant seat when they get behind the wheel later in the evening.
  • Treat them like the VIPs they are by letting them have first access to the food, giving them the prime parking spot, or presenting them with a simple thank you present such as a gift card to a local restaurant or another treat they can enjoy later.
  • Pay for their meal and parking if you’re headed out for the evening.

Have designated drivers before the party begins. Never leave it to chance that each person will have a safe ride plan. Make it a priority to ensure there will be a designated driver for each guest.

Utilize These Hosting Hacks

Most likely, you’re watching the Super Bowl with friends and want to keep them safe. Most people know someone impacted by drunk driving, resulting in a fatal car accident or a collision that caused serious injuries. Go the distance using these simple tips for an injury-free Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Make sure there’s plenty of food. A potluck can provide dinner along with the evening’s entertainment.
  • Have ample nonalcoholic beverages on hand and conveniently located for guests under 21 and anyone wanting to take a break from imbibing.
  • Have a guest room ready, or throw out sleeping bags. One night of not-so-great sleep on the floor is more accommodating than a night in jail.
  • Honor the fourth-quarter rule like the NFL stadiums and serve only nonalcoholic beverages after the third quarter or at least an hour before your party ends.

Watching your team win the Super Bowl is thrilling, but waking up on Monday morning injury-free is a personal victory. Remember, others enjoying the game may not be as safe as you, and a Charleston West Virginia personal injury lawyer at Salango Law can offer guidance if you are injured in a car accident.