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Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use to Devalue or Deny Valid Claims

Insurance companies will do anything they can to pay less on a car insurance claim. While they typically stay within the letter of the law, many are aggressive in finding ways to justify lowering the value of a car or even outright denying claims. Because of the seriousness of many accidents, it is critical for accident victims to provide as much evidence as possible to minimize their risks or lose out on compensation owed to them.

Common Ways Insurance Companies Reduce Car Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are for-profit companies, which means they will do anything they can to reduce the compensation paid out. To do so, they will look for any available evidence that indicates some of the blame should be on you, or they may find loopholes in policies that reduce what is paid. Consider these common examples of tactics car insurance companies may use. Then, contact an accident lawyer in Charleston from Salango Law for help.

Asking for Recorded Statements

One of the methods they may try to use is asking you to record a statement about what happened. They may use this to deny or devalue claims by getting you to say something that can be used against you. It may include:

  • Statements about your health before the accident
  • Factors related to the condition of the car before the accident
  • Statements about how the accident occurred
  • Claims that you may have hurt yourself before in a similar fashion
  • Data about your driving history 

In these situations, the insurance companies want to get you to admit some of the blame is your own. If you are asked for such a statement of any type, simply politely decline to do so. You should only provide a written statement after speaking to your attorney.

Requiring Medical Authorization Forms

In some situations, insurance companies may try to get you to allow them to have access to your medical records. They may do this in various ways, including requiring a medical authorization form, which they can then use to look back at your previous medical history as well. You should not provide any type of allowance to insurance companies for this type of action. Simply politely decline.

Fast Settlements for Less

Some insurance companies will come back to you with a settlement offer within a few days of the accident. Their tactic here is to get you to accept a lower rate now than what you may be owed if you waited. For example, you may not know for a few weeks if you need additional medical care, or you may not be sure you can go back to work. If you settle early, they are off the hook.

Insurance companies do not have the legal right to lie to you about any aspect of this process. They also do not have the right to set a deadline for your claim (within the state’s rules). If you feel like you are being pressured in any way, contact a Charleston, WV injury attorney to discuss your case.