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What Is an Insurance Dispute?

September 17, 2023

There are many situations where you may not agree with what an insurance company tells you is what they will pay. You may have a pile of medical bills and no idea how to pay for them, and all of them are from the accident you were in. How can they tell you no? For many people, there are steps you can take to overcome these challenges and limitations, including through an insurance dispute. So, what is an insurance dispute, and how do you get one?

At Salango Law, we work with people who are being treated unfairly by insurance companies and those who are suffering losses through no fault of their own due to car accidents and other incidents. If you are struggling to get your fair compensation, call us now for a free consultation. 

What Is an Insurance Dispute For?

An insurance dispute is any situation in which an insurance company and the holder of a policy or another person with a viable claim do not agree on the settlement terms presented by the insurance provider. In some situations, disputes occur because the individual’s claim is outright denied. Other times, the settlement provided is very little or does not meet the expectations of the party seeking damages.

What Happens to Settle Insurance Disputes?

Remember that insurance companies always want to pay out the least amount of money possible in claims like this. When a dispute occurs, you have some options:

  • You can accept the amount the insurance company is offering.
  • You can refuse the claim payment and seek legal action against the insurance company.

Typically, when you are facing insurance companies who have a goal of paying less, you need a personal injury attorney who will fight on your behalf to secure a higher settlement amount. When you involve an attorney, the insurance company realizes that it cannot ignore your claims and that you are serious about moving your case forward.

What to Do If You Are Facing an Insurance Dispute

If you are unhappy with a claim offered to you, there are several things to do right now.

  • Tell the insurance company that the offer is unfair and why you believe that to be the case.
  • If they request additional information or proof of loss, you may be able to provide that.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney as a primary step. Your attorney will help you negotiate with the insurance company about the losses.
  • Agree on a new proposed settlement provided by the insurance company or go to court to pursue financial compensation.

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